INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT SYSTEM POLICY
As Koçal Paper Industry, we aim to act in line with legal and other requirements, to gain the trust of our stakeholders and to contribute to sustainable development with the Integrated Management System that we have established according to our vision, mission, principles and values.
In accordance with this purpose,
✓ Providing our customers with the quality products they want in a complete and timely manner.
✓ Our employees; to educate and raise awareness in order to ensure quality, environmental awareness and health and safety.
✓ Being sensitive to the environment by reducing waste and increasing the recycling rate.
✓ To use natural energy resources efficiently.
✓ To monitor and measure the performance of management systems, to work continuously to increase the performance according to these monitoring and measurement results and to ensure continuous improvement.
✓ Being customer focused, ensuring continuity in meeting their expectations and effectively handling customer complaints.
✓ To ensure the participation of our employees and suppliers in all our processes.
✓ Eliminating dangers and reducing risks by creating a safe and healthy workplace for our employees.
✓ To provide structuring in a way that can intervene in emergency situations.
We undertake to fulfill the requirements of this policy together with all our employees.
 Ahmet KOÇAL
 General Manager 
Koçal Kağıt and Paper One Show

Koçal Kağıt and Paper One Show

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Warehouse Upgrade

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