What is cellulose ?

What is cellulose?

Cellulose, which is the main skeleton element of the paper sheet structure and is 70-100% depending on its type, is one of the most important natural polymers produced by living plant organisms on earth. In addition to its use in cellulose fabric production, it can also be used in the production of some plastics. The most used area is paper production. Some of the other usage areas are as follows;
-Powder or cream detergent structure,
-Pharmacy, food or various chemical industries,
-In the production of ink, paint, adhesive, plywood,
-In the production of plant, leather or insecticides.
Cellulose ensures that the plant is strong and durable. It is used in the production of paper, artificial silk and explosives, which constitute a large part of the cell structure in plants. As Koçal Paper, we use 100% cellulose in all of our products for you.
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