Management Policy

✓ We produce with the awareness that every living thing is a value. We are working to offer the best product to people who are at peace with nature.
✓ Compliance with national and international regulations and quality standards is the most basic principle of our understanding of quality.
✓ By demonstrating a proactive approach against possible errors with our corporate risk management system, operational excellence is the basic management philosophy of Koçal Paper.
✓ Our dealers and consumers are our solution partners. Their suggestions and expectations are always the priority of Koçal Paper.
✓ Koçal Paper always follows new technologies with R&D innovation studies and integrates the most suitable solutions into its facilities. It maintains its leadership in the field of cleaning products.
✓ Koçal Paper, which adopts the participatory management principle in accordance with its total quality understanding, evaluates the suggestions of all its employees, enables them to use their competencies, and constructs and supports the necessary integrated management system infrastructure in the strongest way.
✓ We support the development of our employees with continuous training and ensure that their satisfaction and motivation are kept at the highest level.
General manager
Paper One Show 2024

Paper One Show 2024

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Koçal Kağıt and Paper One Show

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