Koçal Paper Industry

Koçal Paper Industry, which was established as a family company, started production in the industrial cleaning paper sector in 1995. Koçal Paper, which has developed with the importance it attaches to institutionalization and branding, has managed to become one of the leading manufacturers of the sector.

With its headquarters in Sakarya 2nd Organized Industrial Zone and operating with its warehouses in Istanbul and Ankara, Koçal Paper Industry has grown and developed with its production facility investment in Sakarya 2nd Organized Industrial Zone at the end of 2012, with its experienced staff, on time and without compromising on quality. produces in a clean and safe environment in its modern facilities.

With a monthly production capacity of 750 tons, Koçal Paper Industry has gained a strong place in the cleaning paper sector by adding BRAVA and TAMİ brands to its own brands SOSİ and VİLO. Breaking grounds in the field of non-home use, Koçal Paper Industry makes a difference with its SOSİ and VİLO brands and offers different options with its BRAVA and TAMİ brands.

By creating a wider dealer network and offering dignity and a profitable future to its business partners with the power of unity and professionalism, Koçal Paper has been awarded the "ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate", which accepts customer satisfaction as its main principle, and has increased its quality standards with TSE and TSEK certificates.

Koçal Paper Industry also provides manufacturing services for both domestic and foreign markets with its own brands and labels for its customers who will make bulk purchases in line with the needs of its customers.

Koçal Paper Industry is on its way to becoming the company leading the sector by spreading its dealer network throughout Turkey and initiating the necessary investment works in the branding process that has become mandatory in the developing sector in to become the best brand in Turkey.

Our company aims to increase its capacity by adding new agreements to the successful export works carried out by adhering to a certain level of quality in its products with 15 countries to which it exports.
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Paper One Show 2024

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